Information Resources 

The links below are for resources that, in my opinion, are valuable to anyone affected by cancer.

Breast Cancer Resources and Support

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis - One-to-One Peer Support
This particular resource is very dear to my heart. "ABCD provides free, personalized information and one-to-one support to people affected by breast cancer – patients, families and friends".  I am proud to be one of ABCDs mentors - I firmly believe in ABCD's statement "No one should experience breast cancer alone. We know."

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Susan G. Komen

National Breast Cancer Foundation

A social media site for Breast Cancer fighters and survivors - an amazing community offering support from people who know exactly what you're going through. They really get it. 

International Resources

The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centers (UK)
This is a UK based organization: "We are leading experts in the delivery of complementary therapies for offering relief to breast cancer patients and their families." The Haven provides information, resources, workshops, classes designed to help those undergoing treatment cope.

Recommended Reading

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
Dr. Love is a pioneer, advocate, and breast cancer survivor. Her book explains everything the layperson needs to know about the breast and cancer. 

Cancer and Survivor Alliances and Support Groups

Women Survivors Alliance 
The WSA seeks to "establish a network where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their 2nd Acts."

"If cancer was cured tomorrow, 1.5 million women would be spared a diagnosis. But the 7 million American survivors would still face myriad life challenges. We know that cancer doesn’t end when treatment does. Through education and community, we help women re-enter their lives and discover their beautiful and fulfilling 2nd Acts."

The WSA hosts an annual convention "welcoming women survivors of ALL stages, ALL ages, ALL cancers!"

I had the pleasure of attending the second annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee where I met so many inspirational human beings, all with a story to tell, all very humble, all wanting to do more. Simply put, the WSA team are awesome. And it doesn't end there! 

SURVIVORville 2015 ran this past June in Nashville, Tennessee - visit SURVIVORville to see what people got up to.

Cancer Research 

American Cancer Society

Cancer Research Institute

Cancer Research UK

National Cancer institute